Healing happens here… your healthiest holiday yet

Garderes Retreats offer a welcome escape from the noise and pace of 21st century living. The Retreat weeks are designed and created by Kathryn Plowright, often described as a pioneer in complementary medicine and holistic therapies, having brought these approaches to the high street with Medicine Shop & Clinic (www.medicineshopandclinic.com) over 25 years ago.

Retreats 2019 / 2020

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As a wellness professional, Kathryn has made holistic living a way of life at Garderes. Using her experiences and training in complementary medicine and therapies, Kathryn has created a range of Retreats, which encapsulate her passion and dedication to the art of self-healing.

Retreats focus on clearing your mind, healing your body, whilst nurturing your creativity in a mindful way. When harmony is achieved, healing can begin, mentally, physically and emotionally.

The purpose of the Retreats is to:

  • Hit the re-boot button
  • Re-engage with nature & all its healing properties.
  • Shift your perspective to a more positive & inspirational viewpoint.
  • Take back control of your life.
  • Dissolve the strength & power of your personal problems, challenges & limitations.
  • Create a new strategy for your personal health & wellbeing.Discover how investing more time in your own wellbeing brings lifelong benefits.
  • Discover how investing more time in your own wellbeing brings lifelong benefits.

Expect to leave with:

  • A recharged, refocused & invigorated self.
  • A notebook full of inspirational ideas for a healthier, more holistic way of life.
  • A rejuvenated and enthusiastic approach to life.
  • Coping strategies for stress & life’s challenges.
  • A post retreat support system.
  • A clearer picture of how you want to progress your life.
  • Re-evaluation of your goals and inspirations.
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