Breathing into Peace Retreat


Awaken Your Breath  Awaken to Life 

Improve your health and wellbeing in 2019
JOIN US THIS SUMMER and discover the gifts of deep connected  breathing

Would you like to bring more vitality and dynamism  into your Life?

Would you like to breathe deeply and consciously?

Release unresolved trauma & negative patterns which hold you back in life?

Are you interested in discovering the secrets to better health and emotional freedom?

Relax & Heal

Treading the path to more joy, bliss and empowerment?

If YES is the answer, we invite you to join us to this BREATHE into Peace Retreat
where you will access the state of consciousness where energy flows freely through your being…….

On this Amazing Breathe into Peace Retreat

you will Breathe, Move, Release, Eat, Learn, Feel,


We breathe 20, 000 times a day.
Breath delivers oxygen and oxygen gives you more energy and vitality.
Breath is the fastest way to transform and rejuvenate your life.
It has been used for thousands of years by many spiritual traditions as a major tool to stay present and aware of yourself.

BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release System®. BBTRS® is a new approach to body-oriented healing. It is founded on a careful combination of specific breathing patterns with therapeutic conscious movement and dance, specialized touch and bodywork techniques, core tension release exercises, gentle emotional release and meditation practice.

This 7 day Breath Retreat is designed to break through your many layers of body armouring in order to release mental, emotional and physical tension from your body and mind. As a result, BBTRS may reduce and clear one’s deeply imprinted primal, religious and societal conditioning. BBTRS enables you to experience the full range of sensations and emotions available to a human being, while expanding your capacity to support and contain the free flow of life-force energy.

The combination of the dynamic Meditations, Yoga and Ecstatic Dance will enhance your opportunity to really ‘feel ‘ into the body during the biodynamic Breath work sessions, increasing your opportunity to release and let go in order to achieve peace and harmony within.



Discover your inner calm and feel joy and peace in a safe environment, with the help from our extraordinary teachers, all from a blissful location in France.




June 22nd  - June 28th 2019 - Full

August 31st - September 6th 2019 - book now


  • 6 nights full board at Garderes le Manoir de la Source, with delicious vegetarian inspired healing foods.

  • Healing Circles and Cocoa Ceremonies

  • Daily Dynamic Meditation.

  • Daily onsite Yoga classes.

  • Daily workshops in Bio Dynamic Breath Work & Trauma Release

  • Ecstatic Dancing Classes

  • Optional afternoon activities including:

  • Afternoon Activity (Optional) - Hatha/Yin Yoga - Poetry + Writing - Yoga Nidra - Hatha/Yin Yoga - Sound Journey & Guided Music Drawing - Hatha/Yin Yoga or Siddha Crystal Healing



7.30am Tea and fruits

8 - 9 am Dynamic Meditation

9.30am Breakfast


1 -2pm Lunch

FREE TIME: Relaxation: time for walking, contemplative solo exploration and to absorb the wisdom of this magical retreat.

4 - 5pm Afternoon Activity (Optional) - Hatha/Yin Yoga - Poetry + Writing - Yoga Nidra - Hatha/Yin Yoga - Sound Journey & Guided Music Drawing - Hatha/Yin Yoga or Siddha Crystal Healing

6.30  -7.30 pm Dinner

8 pm Evening Activities  There will be a mixture of activities including:

Opening Ceremony + Connection

Cacoa Ceremony + Ecstatic Dance

Bonding evening / Crystal Healing

Closing ceremony + Sharing Circle


*This itinerary is a guide only and is subject to change







£1,725 pp

£2,495 pp

£1,725 pp

£1,995 pp


£1,350 pp



  • Air fares. Nearest airports are Toulouse and Lourdes / Tarbes.

  • Airport transfers (we can provide you with contact details of car hire and taxis).

  • Additional onsite massage or holistic treatments. These can be arranged with prior notice.

  • Travel insurance. We strongly recommend purchasing insurance in case of illness, injury, personal or family emergencies etc.



Garderes is a fabulous place where you will be truly cared for. The Manoir is beautifully decorated as one would expect from Kathryn, who takes every small detail into consideration. The surrounding area in the Gers is breathtaking, with private forests and rolling hillsides. You will certainly find very little anywhere that will give you what Garderes offers its guests.You will love this place and the wonderful hosts for sure.

Linda Bretherton -  author and Ayurvedic Master UK



What is ‘Breathwork’?
Breathwork is a body oriented therapeutic approach that uses breath as a main tool with the help of supporting elements such as movement, touch, sound, conscious emotional expression and meditation to support the release of chronic tension, self-restricting patterns and emotional trauma – opening the way for feelings of joy, self-love, deep relaxation and peace within.

BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release® sessions are designed in an integrated series to energize, open and balance your whole being. The BBTRS 5-element approach supports your body’s natural process for releasing chronic tension, self-restricting patterns and emotional trauma – opening the way for feelings of joy, self-love, deep relaxation and peace within.

One can target specific issues for personal growth with this flexible system. Bringing issues to light that were hidden and unknown, connecting unconscious patterns to past events allowing you to gain more choice to act with awareness, intimacy and connection to yourself and others.

This allows you to express in a safe and nurturing environment, supported by experienced BBTRS® facilitators. There is no talking and no stories, simply the let go of feelings and emotions that have been stored in the body.

BBTRS® practitioners will create a safe space for you to breath, sense your body and explore feelings unconditionally. You will be guided and supported to return to your own internal resources for support and comfort whenever necessary.

We all have anxiety and traumas, from birth to present moment, that we accumulate over time. These are stored in the body, in the cells, the connective tissue and are expressed through feelings of pain, discomfort and dis-ease in our body’s and also our minds.

A Typical session in a workshop;

We always begin with movement guided by music. This to gets both the internal and external body moving, allowing easier release of stored traumas.

Participants may have a particular issue which they wish to work on which could be mental or physical, so we do a brief exercise so that each individual is attuned to that which they are targeting.

When the session commences, we start by closing our eyes and breathing deeply into the body with mouth open in a constant circular fashion, music is playing throughout.

The BBTRS® practitioner will guide you at all times by reminding you to keep you mouth open and making sure the breathing is deep and constant.

During the session you may be sitting up at the start, but this can be adjusted, perhaps transitioning to a reclined position. It is unique to each individual, their comfort and their process.

As the session progresses a person my start to move as if they are unwinding (connective tissue) or facia release - all this is welcome. Some may begin to tremor which is the bodies way of releasing old anxiety or trauma from the body.

Emotions or feelings may also surface, so we encourage toning or sound to come and as the emotion rises in order for it to be released. A release may include, but is not restricted to; crying, shouting, trembling, laughing. Again, all responses to trauma release are so very welcome. Practitioners may ask what you are feeling as you release to encourage and support your process.

Shaking and tremors are very usual as this is the bodies way to release trauma. It may feel scary at the time but with the help, skill and nurturing from the facilitator you are safe. We are there for you every step of the way. We work with you to create a feeling of trust and safety. Therefore, if you become overwhelmed or the process is too much, we are there to guide you and bring you back to your safe place.

TRE (Tension Release Exercise) which is part of the BBTRS® process. TRE is used all over the world as a form of treatment and healing, an example is in the military. It is very successful in treatment of PTSD.

Finally, we transition from the Breathing Phase to the Integration Phase. You simply lie down in a comfortable position and allow calmness to spread through the body. This phase provides time for the physical and emotional benefits of the session to integrate deeply at an energetic level into your whole system. Music accompanies the integration to promote relaxation and uplift your spirit so your entire being  feels held, nurtured and safe, feelings of deep peace and calm is usual.

What is a Cocoa Ceremony? Used in sacred medicinal rituals, where intentions are set and once consumed, euphoric states are unlocked, negative emotions are released and we are able to connect to ourselves.
What sort of clothing do I need to bring? Comfortable clothes for meditation and stretching, some walking shoes, swimming costume, loose fitting clothes for very hot weather and a jumper or cardigan for cooler evenings.
What level of Yoga will I be expected to do? Classes will encompass all levels of Yoga.
What is ecstatic dancing? A form of dance without the need to follow specific steps, where dancers abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to a trance like state and a feeling of ecstasy.


 Rosemary O'Donohue Health and Wellness Practitioner. 

Rosemary is a self-empowerment practitioner and her focus is to help people step back, reflect, release fear and plan an action towards a truly fulfilled life.
With over 20 years experience, she has seen the increase of stress in people’s lives both in her clinic and on-site corporate clients and believes that to improve your health and wellbeing there are several areas that need to be in balance. She has travelled to Bali, India, and most recently Brazil as part of her own healing and learning journey where she had the opportunity to experience Breath work it had such a profound effect on her own healing that she decided to train as a Biodynamic Breath work practitioner so she could share this extraordinary therapy with everybody she could.” I knew this was something really special because of how I felt within myself, I have been giving one to one breath work sessions over the past year, the  feedback and changes in clients has been amazing and of all the therapies and treatment I give and have tried this has been the most remarkable seeing shifts in myself and those I have worked with is such a joy and a privilege and I am honoured and humbled as each person allows themselves to let go and be vulnerable, and in this they regain their strength and resilience it’s Amazing. To release the trauma and tension from the body without needing to talk allowing what needs to be released without re- traumatising is a wonderful gift . She has been doing workshops in Ireland , Isle of Man and Uk and  has devised this Retreat in order to achieve this. She is passionate about what she does and wants to share her learning and knowledge with everyone. Rosemary is a multi disciplined practitioner and is qualified in: Reflexology, Advanced Aromatherapy, Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Nutritional Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Counselling, Aspects of Shiatsu, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal healing, Clinical Reflexology. AOR Diploma Reflexology, Precision Reflexology, Reiki, Hopi Ear Candle, Manual lymph drainage (vodder method), Electrical Jade Lymph system, Connective tissue massage or (Myofascial release), EFT emotional freedom technique, Emotion code, Siddha Kundalini crystal healing. Biodynamic breathwork & trauma release.


Aioife - Yoga Teacher and Holistic Practitioner.
‘Yoga is not about touching your toes it’s about what you learn on the way down’ - Tigar Gor
Aoife has been pursuing and practicing Yoga since leaving University, deciding against her graduate job. Instead she followed her heart and travelled to Rishikesh, the birth place of yoga. A truly magical place situated in the foot hills of the Himalayas, North India, where she began her inner journey and trained as a teacher of yoga. Since then Aoife has practiced, experienced and explored many styles of yoga to include Hatha, Ashtanga, Kundilini, Vinyasa and Yin and Restorative Yoga.
Teaching on the Isle of Man, her home, and around the world in countries including Brazil, Guatemala, Bolivia and India. Her classes are a creative fusion of slow flowing sequences and restorative postures whilst often weaving in a theme, based upon yogic philosophy that helps translate the practice of yoga into ‘life of the mat’.
Aoife’s approach is personable and nurturing, her teaching is emphasised on exploring the energy of each posture whilst focusing on proper alignment, helping to guide each student to know his or her own boundaries, enabling the practice to work for them as an individual.
Integrated into this Retreat each class gives clear instructions and an explanation on meditation and relaxation offering each student the opportunity to refresh and re-align mind, body and soul every-time you join Aoife on the mat.


Kathryn Plowright has often been described as a pioneer in complementary medicine and holistic therapies, and the woman responsible for bringing these alternative healing approaches onto the high street and into the public consciousness over a quarter of a century ago. 
Coming from a corporate background in PR Kathryn was struck down with  a devastating illness from which conventional medicine gave her no chance of recovery.   Kathryn decided to ‘find her own path’ out of ill health through nature and its boundless healing properties.  The result was her inception over 25 years ago of The Medicine Shop & Clinic, a collaboration of complementary medicine and therapies under one roof.  Kathryn fast became a leading authority on the subject, touring the world, giving countless interviews on radio and TV, and writing for newspapers and magazines, promoting the benefits of holistic healthcare.


I have dedicated my life’s work to Complementary Medicine and therapies, having embraced Naturopathy and trained in Homeopathy, Herbal medicine, Kinesiology, Reiki, Aromatherapy, holistic Nutrition, EFT, Reflexology, Bach Flower Therapy, Colour therapy, and Crystal healing. On this journey I discovered the path to health, vitality and happiness, through personal growth both emotionally and spiritually.
As a Master Energy Practitioner  I have designed this retreat, in order to share the contents of my ‘tool box’  and help you develop the skills and knowledge you require to heal your body, your mind and your life, in a safe and gentle way with no harmful side effects, but with mindfulness and gratitude.
Kathryn Plowright is the owner of Garderes.